Time management in the audit environment

Time management has become a major challenge in the area of technology.  It is just too easy to work on multiple projects at the same time assuming that it improves productivity.  However, the opposite is often true.  This course has been designed to create an opportunity for trainees to identify inefficiencies in the work place and discuss possible solutions.

Trainees are provided with course notes on the topics below:


Course content

  • Time management defined
  • The golden rule:  Plan!
  • A work day has 8 hours
  • Getting organised
  • 20/80 Pareto principle
  • A productive work space
  • Controlling email overload
  • Communication
  • Defending your day from interruptions
  • defending your day from interruptions
  • Dealing with procrastination
  • Coping with a time-wasting boss
  • Mastering meetings with with co-workers
  • Streamline everyday work processes
  • Work/life balance



Group discussion

Short exercises


Dates for 2018:

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CPD points:  8